About Me

Las here,  CEO and Owner of RSD.

I am a daughter, a sister, and an aunt. I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend. Give me a charcuterie board and a rental by the beach and life will be all good!

I moved to the United States during my high school years then attended and graduated from The University of Florida. Go Gators! Yes, I will represent my alma mater every chance I get 😊. Currently, I also work with children and families in social services. Helping people has always been a passion so I am excited that professional organizing allows me to also support families, and still do meaningful work.

 I also want to share a bit more personally about how learning to declutter and organize my space helped with my anxiety. For years, I did not understand the correlation between anxiety (mental clutter) and the chaos that surrounded me (physical clutter). I sometimes felt stuck in the mess, both mental and physical, and the cycle was never-ending.

I honestly wish I had known about professional organizers back then. I learned about my triggers, decluttered a whole lot over the years, and worked on my relationship with…things. This doesn’t mean I don’t buy anything, but I try very hard to be intentional about my purchases now vs emotional.


All this to say, is that no matter where you are on your decluttering and organizing journey, I totally get it and I will meet you there.


Again, I started Ready Set Declutter, LLC with you in mind; to help clear your mind, by clearing your space. Let's get there, together.