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a lot more about me...

Las here again! I'm honored you want to know more about me! 

First and foremost, I am a wife, daughter, a sister, and an aunt. I love spending quality time with Jesus, my husband, our fur baby, my family and my friends. My favorite things are the beach, charcuterie, chocolate, weekend getaways, sushi, and Target strolls. 

I moved to the United States during my high school years then attended and graduated from The University of Florida. Go Gators! I've spent the last decade working with non-profits. When I am not busy bringing my organizing skills to your home, I serve teenagers as a Program Coordinator for a mentoring organization.

Helping and serving people has always been in my DNA, so I am excited that professional organizing allows me to also support families, and continue to do meaningful work.

For the sake of being transparent and vulnerable, I also want to share a bit more

about how learning to declutter and organize my space helped with with years of crippling anxiety. For a while, I did not understand the correlation between anxiety and the chaos that surrounded me. I sometimes felt stuck in the disorganization, both mental and physical, and the cycle was never-ending. I was also recently diagnosed with ADHD, so for the first time in a long time, life made sense. Nothing was wrong with me. I wasn't lazy! I just needed to find what worked for me! I know you probably relate, right?


After seeking ways to cope, I learned about that my triggers were in fact linked to a cluttered garage, kitchen and more. I decluttered a whole lot over the years, and worked on my relationship with…things. I found systems that help me tidy up quickly, and most importantly I learned to show myself grace. 


 Today I still shop too often on Amazon, buy items impulsively and find myself having a mess occasionally, but there is no more clutter. The overwhelm visits less frequently, so peace and calm stays around longer. 


If you've read this far, I hope you understand that no matter where you are on your decluttering and organizing journey, I totally get it because I've been there and I will meet you right where you are. No Judgment. A little tough lovin'? Maybe. 


Again, I started Ready Set Declutter with you in mind.

Imagine a clear space, picture no more clutter and feel the peace you're looking.

It's all within your reach. Call me so we can get there, together. 

Ready Set Declutter was officially established in January of 2021, but prior to that it was a service that was offered to friends and family under....

  • "Hey Las, come help me figure this closet out please, you're good at this stuff".

  • Mom, we have way too many mugs, why do we need so many? I'm going to get
    rid of some.


  • "Hey, come help me organize my desk this weekend".

I had the eye, the skills and talent, and simply needed to put a name to it. I knew I had to share my gift with others.


On November 20th, 2020 the dream was born. I messaged my husband (then boyfriend) and said...

'so I was thinking of a decluttering business, {Clear your space, clear your mind}, like you know how I'm always getting on your case or helping [friend], I enjoy it. Order gives me peace. I wonder how much I can help others.'

After a bit of research and prayer, I decided to form the LLC and the rest has been history. Since I started, I've been honored to help countless clients from all walks of life. Together we have eliminated clutter, improved relationships with family, saved a ton of money, enjoyed more time at home, and improved our overall mental health. It's time YOU experience all of that!

What are you waiting for?   Schedule your consult, friend!

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